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EURO DOG SHOW 2014. French Bulldog. Female, Puppy Junior class

French Bulldog

Судья в ринге: Karcher Christian


baby class

13141 Bull´s Effi Perro Pelea Cordobes, Very promising2 
13142 Cause for Applause Admirable Bully,  Very promising1, European Promise 

13143 Le Nain Adorable Grand Star of the Earth, Promising 
13144 One Love de Cote Basque, Promising 
13145 Scarlett O'Hara Slaska Gwara, Very promising4 
13146 Yagna Milagnes, Absence 
13147 Zampino Kaul, Absence 
13148 Zucca Kaul, Very promising3 

Puppy class
13149 Iman Ideal Totegnac Manuela, Very promising1, European Promise 
13150 Lalique A'Vigdors, Absence 

13151 Zada Orange Frenchies Claus, Promising2 

Junior class

13152 Addicted to Zomiranos Witherford Very good 

13153 Ange Ou Demon Le Secret A'Vigdors Excellent 

13154 Apocaliptica de Ficca Very good 

13155 Bertha Black Excellent 

13156 Black Hanna Finebull Excellent 

13157 Blanca Dussack Excellent 

13158 Bull´s Boogie Perro Pelea Cordobes Excellent 

13159 Carpe Diem del Baccano Absence 
13160 Clodia A'Vigdors Excellent 

13161 Darina vom Palais Hetzendorf Absence 
13162 Dashin Dom Dushes Very good 

13163 Dryna de Aronui Sanchez Excellent 

13164 El Doce Mas Uno Elea Gallardo Excellent 

13165 Fab-A Dab Wila Hogs Excellent 

13166 Frída Mia Moravia Very good 

13167 Glorious Future Frustyle Absence 
13168 Hannah Pomáda Excellent 

13169 Heduš z Jemčiny Absence 
13170 Helga z Jemčiny Very good 

13171 Henesie Pomáda Excellent 

13172 Ignavi Gracia Dlya Sakre Ker Very good 

13173 Illusion du Domaine des Molosses Absence 
13174 Insibi du Mont des Korrigans Excellent4 

13175 Iron County I Gina O´Ryan Excellent 

13176 J'Adore v.h. Bullenparadijs Excellent 

13177 Joya Alsamar Very good 

13178 Julia van het Bullenparadijs Very good 

13179 Killer Queen Royalgrowl Excellent2 

13180 Le Nain Adorable Victoria de Beers Excellent3 

13181 Mano Imperatorius Juicy Couture Excellent 

13182 Oáza Anjelský dar Beliniec Absence 
13183 Padua Beauty bully Absence 
13184 Sally Renuar, Excellent1, CAJC, Europen JW 

13185 Tic Tac Aglaos Absence 
13186 Ty Skazka moey Zhizni iz Samary Gorodka, Excellent 

13187 Vaya Kaul Very good 

13188 Victoria´s Secret de Cote Basque, Very good 

13189 Zoe la Blance Frustyle, Excellent 


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